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make mindful sales

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want an aligned biz?

You know…a biz like Rachel Hollis— Brooke Castillo — Melissa Urban Hartwig — freakin’ Oprah.

Those women are always selling. But, they do it in a way that’s aligned with their core so you probably didn’t even notice.

I’m just guessing…but since you’re here, I bet this sounds like you. You’re:

  • Dedicated to creating the lifestyle you’ve been craving

  • Obsessed with the impact you’re capable of making with your clients

  • Always overdelivering…until you had to sell your own services

You know the skill of selling and you’ve checked all the right marketing boxes…I mean, you’ve been binge listening to Goal Digger & Amy Porterfield nonstop…

But you’ve got close to zilch to show for it.

Don’t worry sister…I’ve got you. Scroll on.

I’ve been feeling stuck and lost over the past few months, and knowing I can listen to women discuss the fact that overcoming limiting beliefs is an ongoing pursuit is invaluable! So happy to have found Leah
— Shelly

Turn on your power.

I launched the Shine Strong podcast during my own journey of taking back my Power.

It didn’t take long to notice a trend:

Insanely capable women kept getting stuck when it came to sales.

Especially the ones who had experience crushing sales in the past.

I’m committed to changing that trend.

I help women turn on their power by mastering the villain in their mind and creating an UNSTOPPABLE sales strategy—

But not the slimy-bro-marketing maneuvers you see all over social media…and not some cut-and-paste sales plan, either.

We’ll create sales strategy unique to you and aligned perfectly to who you are.

Leah is the kind of girl you want in your life, and her authentic passion for encouraging other women shines strong in all she does!
— Trish

you got this, sister.


here’s how we can work together:

Sales Strategy Coaching

Strategy coaching to craft an unstoppable plan to grow your biz in a way that’s 100% aligned with who you are & what you want.

Shine Strong Podcast

Listen to the show! You’ll hear stories from woke women (and sometimes dudes), experts, and me all about how to grow your biz while living a life that lights your soul on fire.

Leah LeRae YouTube channel

Get all your sales questions answered with weekly videos to help you master the skill of selling. Check it out.