Leah LeRae
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Can you feel that fire in your belly?

The fire that tells you that you’re living the life that was made for you, and you alone.

Can you feel it?

Hey! I’m Leah LeRae. The phrase: “I am not valuable” ran every aspect of my life for 30 years.

It showed up in me constant overachieving, disordered eating, being a workaholic, and excessive exercise:

I was on a dead sprint on the hamster wheel of trying to be what everyone else thought success looked like.

One morning at 2am, I realized that I had no idea who I was, what I wanted— nor any clue how to figure it out.

It took three whole years of exhausting personal work to revisit my past traumas and reframe the mantra in my head to:


And now, it’s my life goal to help other women break through all the tricks their mind plays on them until they finally realize the POWER of standing in their purpose.


life’s biggest challenges are always our best teachers.


here’s the deal…

I’ve made my living in sales and biz dev since I could talk. I’m basically unstoppable in that arena, actually. I took a start up from $300k to $3M in 18 months. I managed a $70M brand. I launched my own sales biz where I coach badass women like you and manage biz dev for other small businesses.

One of the gifts I gained from the school of life is that i’ve truly realized the power of selling when you’re selling with enthusiasm for serving people vs when you’re selling to hit numbers and get bonuses.

I leverage my personal journey and combine that with my profesh experience to help women get super clear about how to sell with confidence and get past all the limiting shit in their mind that’s holding them back.

If you’re ready to drop the nonsense in your mind that’s holding you back from making your dreams happen— now is a great time for you to start.

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Wanna Know More about Me?

  1. I’m obsessed with learning from other amazing people. I have an entire podcast about it! Check it out.

  2. My firstborn is a replica of my husband, and my second is a replica of me. [genetics are crazy]

  3. I’m a total workout junkie, and my gym is my garage. Come workout with me!