Leah LeRae
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✨What’s driving you? ✨

✨Have you stopped to question your motivation?✨

Hey! I’m Leah LeRae. The phrase: “I’m only as valuable as my last achievement” ran every aspect of my life for 30 years.

It showed up in my constant overachieving, excessive exercise, and being a total sales-goal-crushing-workaholic.

A major change happened when I started asking myself these questions:

✨Who am I?✨

✨What do I want?✨

✨What am I working so hard for?✨

It was then that I noticed something big:

Successful women who were still happy weren’t the ones relentlessly striving for their next achievement to prove their worth to the world...

They were working to give back to the world.


life’s biggest challenges are our best teachers.


here’s the deal…

I’ve been told I could sell snow cones to an Eskimo.

I took a start up from $300k to $3M in 18 months. I personally sold and managed a $70M brand. I coach female founders just like you, I speak, and I provide strategic sales consulting to big brands.

But honestly, those stats aren’t what matter.

I make shit happen.

I shake things up.

I think of things you’ve never considered.

I help early stage businesses use what they’ve got RIGHT NOW to make the most impact, to serve with gratitude, and to ask the right questions to ensure motivation is aligned with the people they’re serving.

I don’t sell just to hit numbers, and you don’t want to either.

If you’re ready to give more back to the world by growing your business— now is a great time to start.

Ready? LETS DO IT.


Wanna Know More about Me?

  1. I’m obsessed with learning from other amazing people. I have an entire podcast about it! Check it out.

  2. My firstborn is a replica of my husband, and my second is a replica of me. [genetics are crazy]

  3. I’m a total workout junkie, and my gym is my garage. Come workout with me!