Leah LeRae
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Leah LeRae

podcaster. speaker. sales junkie.


hey! I’m Leah.

I help over-achieving, people-pleasing women who crushed sales on payroll — explode sales for their own biz.

I work with you if this seems right:

You know exactly what you want

You launched your dream biz.

You just knew you’d be success story because you always crushed sales when you were on payroll.

But even after binge listening to Goal Digger & The Angie Lee Show and checking all the right marketing and sales boxes…

You’ve got close to zilch to show for it.

Don’t worry sister, I’ve got you.

I’ve committed my life to helping women turn on their power by knowing exactly what they want and getting past the sales blocks.

I’ve combined my 10+ years of sales and biz dev experience together with my passion for mastering the mind to help you get clear about who you are, what you want, and to go out there and GET IT.

Leah is the kind of girl you want in your life, and her authentic passion for encouraging other women shines strong in all she does!
— Trish

Turn on your power.

I launched the Shine Strong podcast while on my own journey of taking back my Power.

It didn’t take long to notice a trend:

Badass women kept getting stuck when it came to sales.

Especially the ones who had experience crushing sales for someone else.

Let me help you turn your power on, and start crushing YOUR OWN SALES.


I’ve been feeling stuck and lost over the past few months, and knowing I can listen to women discuss the fact that overcoming limiting beliefs is an ongoing pursuit is invaluable! So happy to have found Leah
— Shelly

here’s how we can work together:

Shine Strong Podcast

Listen to the show! You’ll hear stories from woke women (and sometimes dudes), experts, and me all about how to live a life that lights your soul on fire.

Clarity Coaching: Make It Happen.

Strategy coaching to turn your struggle in to your dreams; to figure out who you are and what you want; and even to help get your dream business unstuck and humming again.