Leah LeRae
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wish you had a partner to handle your biz dev?

now you do.


Sales + Marketing, Done.

Sales + marketing mixed with your expertise is the secret to your business becoming wildly successful.

You’ve got the expertise part down, but, since you’re here, I’m guessing that the sales + marketing side of things makes you want to crawl into a hole.

Imagine if you coupled your expertise and momentum with a seasoned expert in sales & marketing…

Here’s what you’ll get:

✨An innovative partner with a proven track record to make the impossible reality

✨A creative marketing guru + results focused sales leader

✨Tenacity, grit, and positive spirit

Aligned motivation; which means your startup budget issues aren’t an issue

Leah came in with all her energy and in 18 months, she 10x’ed our revenue.
— kristen

increase your impact.

After hosting the Shine Strong podcast for over 80 episodes and being a sales and marketing change agent for over a decade, I noticed a trend that I was in a position to fix.

Insanely capable, people-first businesses kept getting stuck when it came to scaling their products + ideas.

I’m committed to changing that trend. That happens two ways:

Increase your impact and scale (and decrease your headaches) by partnering together to let me handle your sales + marketing for you


Work together to create a foolproof growth plan, implement a sales process, and i’ll teach your team to develop the tenacity to carry it out.

Positive. tenacious. enthusiastic.


here’s how I can serve you:

For businesses who are ready to learn how to find new clients + increase your impact —

I’ll teach you the sales + marketing strategy + skills I use everyday so that you can implement on your own, like a boss.

If you’re a business who’s ready to bring on VP level talent—

I’ll come in and build your business development from the ground up.

Sales + marketing done for you.

Projects priced according to scope, typically with a base fee + commission; which ensures motivation is aligned.

Learn more…

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Leah is the kind of girl you want in your life, and her authentic passion for encouraging other women shines strong in all she does!
— Trish