Enthusiasm, Mindset, + Growing your Biz | Krista Mashore

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:
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FIRE -- By Krista Mashore

Dean Graziosi — Millionaire Success Habits

Ultimate Sales Machine — Chet Holmes

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Who is Krista?

What does Krista teach in her coaching program?

1. Getting people out of their own way and creating good habits for your business 

2. marketing strategies — using digital marketing skills to become the go-to expert

You wont be an expert  or a success overnight. BUT, 18 months from now, you’ll either be where you want to be or you’ll be where you are right now. 

Our excuses keep us from getting to where you want to go

“Put yourself in the state of ‘I am doing it’” 

Physically write down 6 things you’re going to do 

“Be where your clients are showing up”

Visualize success or where you want to go

6 things you’re grateful for

Time block 6 hours of your day

Celebrate wins

Read manifesto

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