Turning Adversity into Opportunity

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Lisa Bradley,,


Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a life that’s way harder than you ever wanted? Have you found yourself wondering why you keep bumping up against “no’s”? If so, listen in to Lisa’s episode and learn from her incredible perspective on how— and WHY— she started a company making bags (something she didn’t know how to do).

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Today’s Episode:

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What we talked about:

What is R.Riveter bags and how are they WAY different than any other bag?

What is life like for a military spouse? What unique challenges do they face all.the.time? How does R.Riveter help support military spouses?

The mental struggle for military spouses is very real. Most people have no idea what it’s like. You’re marrying into a lifestyle — and you’re part of what makes that work.

“I was slowly losing my personal identity…I was a completely new person every time we moved”

How did R.Riveter get started?

“We had no idea what we were starting when we got going.”

“We spent half of our budget on insulation for the attic we worked out of in the early stage. Bought a sewing machine, and grinded.”

What did you tell yourself to get through those early stages?

“There was no other option. We didn’t give ourself or our thought process any other option.”

Put one foot in front of the other and make it work.

"When there isn’t another option — that’s sometimes the birthplace of AMAZING things. You’re not in the mindset of other options."

What advice do you have for women who are launching a business in alignment with who you are?

“You need to know where you’re going — but people get tripped up on all the steps to get there. You don’t need anything but Google in the beginning.”

Take stories from other successful people and apply it to what you’re going through and think through how you can make that advice work for what you need to do.

SHARK TANK. Tell me about your experience!

“Terrifying and top of the mountain excitement at the same time.”

How did you manage so much PR? “People want to tell a good story.”

“Coming from the military, we have a perspective that most people don’t have the opportunity to have. It’s a very humbling experience and you put things into perspective in a way that civilians don't.”

“I was consistently wishing my life away…and finally I just had to let that go and live in the moment. You only have one life to live.”

How can you take responsibility for your life even when your life is harder than you’d like it to be?

“Find your purpose.”

Raising good kids in a transitional lifestyle. How Lisa is a role model for her kids.

Re-inventing yourself in new environments. How do you consistently “be yourself”?

Why the name R.Riveter?

“We’re the no-fuss women. We’re grinding, trying to make a difference, and we want a bag that can handle our lifestyle.” She can take that handbag from the boardroom to the playroom.