Loving your dream job AND your side hustle [from an HR expert] with Madeline Mann, The Self Made Millennial

A life well lived includes so many things; but a job you love, hobbies you adore, and time spent with those you love are things that top most people's lists. Madeline is a HR Expert, and has a fabulously helpful and popular YouTube channel with all the tips you need to land your dream job. [check it out]

But, how can you balance loving your side hustle with the career you adore? Madeline does exactly that with her role in HR leadership and her YouTube channel-- so I had her on the show to give us all her tips.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

What's the best way to use LinkedIn?

How can a side hustle, your dream job, and your personal life all live in harmony?

What is the number one thing to do in order to land my dream job?

How do I figure out what job I want if I HAVE NO CLUE?!

[from the employer's side] How do you know when you're interviewing the right person?

How [any why] Madeline started Self Made Millennial

Hear all about Madeline's personal story.

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