Community is caring about the people you're serving | Miranda Alcaraz

Have you ever caught yourself wishing:⁣

“If only I had bigger influence, then it would be SO MUCH EASIER to grow my biz.”⁣

I’ve found myself wishing for that, too.⁣

So— I asked @fearlessmiranda if starting a biz WITH a large network of followers (influence) made it easy to start & grow @streetparking

I think you’ll find her answer to that question and like 20 others super interesting.⁣

Miranda is someone I’ve come to seriously respect.⁣

She’s bold— she’s on a dead sprint in the OPPOSITE direction of everyone else in the fitness industry (including CrossFit)⁣

She’s wicked smart —she’s building a virtual/in person community of 17,000+ of supportive, die-hard superfans ⁣

She’s oh, so relatable — she started the same way we all did— trying her hardest to make something of nothing. How did she make it past the first 10 years of entrepreneurship? With her infamous #morethannothing approach.⁣

I’m willing to bet that you’ll listen to this episode more than once— and share it with at least a couple other mamapreneurs

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Notes from the Show:

  • What led you to wanting to start Street Parking?

  • Miranda isn’t an “athlete turned Entrepreneur” — she’s an entrepreneur who was randomly an athlete at one point, who’s back to her roots as an entrepreneur.

  • What is Street Parking? Why does Leah love SP?

  • Launching several businesses — and what that ACTUALLY looked like for Miranda.

  • Our focus has always been on the experience our members have.

  • The challenges of being a business owner — the mental challenges of being pregnant

  • Real talk with Miranda ….

Leah VanRyn