Shoulders Back, Head Up, YOU'VE GOT THIS

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"If only I was a famous [athlete, actress, influencer, fill in the blank]⁣...then all of this would be so much easier."⁣

Well, today, we're here to blast through that BS.⁣

Rachael Adams is an Olympic Medalist for the USA Women's Volleyball team. ⁣

She's on track to be at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, again. ⁣

But here's the deal:⁣

Rachael had to blast through the same mental limitations that you do. ⁣

She had it so bad that she actually started a business about it. ⁣

Check out @journeystrength and you'll get a quick picture about what Rachael is all about.⁣

Then, listen to her episode to hear her story and how she started her volleyball career SUPER late compared to other v-ball athletes...⁣

And then outlasted 99% of them...⁣

And now plays at the highest level⁣

If you're telling yourself that "if only" BS-- I dare you to listen to Rachael's episode. ⁣

Double dare you. ⁣

Then report back and lmk what you're telling yourself after you listen. ⁣

If I had to guess, it'll be:⁣


Go get it, girl.⁣

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Here's what we talk about:

  • The words you tell yourself impact your dreams

  • Rachel’s biggest struggle as a professional athlete— the mental game

  • What Rachel does to overcome her mental doubts

  • “Shoulders back, head up, you got this.” —The mantra Rachel said to herself over and over

  • How Journey Strength was born

  • How can Rachel do it all: an INSANE woldwide travel schedule where she’s in a different country every single week while growing her business.

  • What is it like to play in the Olympics?

  • Building mental strength with positive words

  • How the name Journey Strength originated

“You were meant to do hard things”

Leah VanRyn