Leah LeRae
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Raise your hand if this is what you want:

To sell your services with confidence— like you did when you were selling someone else’s

To live a life in perfect alignment — both in your biz and real life

To get unstuck and start serving more people!

Yeah? That’s where I come in.

Blasting through your own mental blocks alone is nearly impossible. 

You and I will get into the nitty gritty about what’s working, and what’s not. I leverage all of my experience to strategize ways to get past your block and grow your biz like never before.

You’ll walk away from our 45 minute call with tangible ideas, a take-action plan, and you’ll know exactly what has to happen next to get back into your kick-ass groove. 

Schedule your clarity call today. It’s FREE.

I set aside one hour Tuesday-Friday for amazing women like you, at no charge. All I ask is that you schedule just one clarity call per 2-months.


Let me guess:

You’re constantly comparing yourself to everyone around you (am I measuring up??)

You know the basics of sales…which is why you’re so frustrated that you’re running into blocks selling your own thing

Deep down, there is a fire in your belly to help people with your special sauce…and you know you can make a massive impact

I know, because that was me.

I can geek out on sales strategy and marketing all day. I’ve been a student of the craft my entire life.

But, when I launched my own biz…it was crickets.

I kept pivoting because I didn’t dare step into my power.

It’s all mental, my friends.

Here’s a quote I came across, and I repeat it more than any other quote:

“The difference between trauma and challenge is that trauma is experienced alone, while challenge is experience in community.”

-Dr. Paula Rausch

Don’t experience this alone. 

I’ve created a FREE Private Facebook group to get together and start crushing sales on your own terms.