Leah LeRae
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Ready to take responsibility to grow your business so you can make the impact you’re capable of?

Raise your hand if this is what you want:

Sell your services with confidence

Create a business in perfect alignment with you

Get unstuck and start making the impact you know you’re capable of

Build a business to support the flexibility you need

If the answer is YES! …then you’ll want in on this!

In each coaching package, we’ll:

  • We’ll blast through the mental blocks holding you hostage

  • Teach you to craft a personalized, strategic plan to grow your biz starting where you are right now, wherever you’re at

  • Map out what’s working, what’s not— and why

  • Design killer questions to transform your approach to marketing

  • Learn to strategize and iterate marketing ideas to implement over time that are perfectly aligned with your integrity

  • Craft a timeline [accountability included] to give you a clear direction of what needs to happen, when, & how to get it done

But here’s the deal: I only work with women who are ready to do hard things. Because, well…if you listen to the podcast then you already know.

Ready? Let’s do it.